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ABOUT US Call Card
U.S. Military call cards is owned and operated by United States Army Welfare Unit For more than 45 years, U.S. Military call cards has been delivering unparalleled quality and reliability within the prepaid telecommunications industry. With more than 15.4 million cards emailed, U.S. Military call cards is one of the largest online wholesalers and master distributors of prepaid calling cards.

Being at the forefront of the prepaid telecommunications for soldiers/expatriates in war zones, U.S. Military call cards has established itself as the innovative market leader and has nurtured relationships with tier one carriers helping to provide extraordinary quality and service. With communication facilities located all around the world, the organization is able to provide exceptional long distance service at a fraction of the cost.

U.S. Military call cards has been in the business since the birth of the pre-paid calling card in the USA. U.S. Military call cards has established itself as a leader in managing the domestic and International Calling Cards for the consumers. We sell the most reliable and dependable cards to their customers on tier one carriers, providing 100% Guarantee on all cards. At U.S. Military call cards we provide calling cards to meet everyone’s need, or your money back.

Experience clear calls and excellent quality on our secure network infrastructure. Our top priority is network performance and call quality. With communications located all around the world, we are able to provide quality long distance service at a fraction of the cost. We take the issue of security seriously. We use the industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to prevent information from being intercepted through our network.
We take our responsibility to provide reliable military phone cards and have selected only the best calling cards available for military members, expatriates and diplomats in war zones. Military calling cards can help to keep you in touch with your loved one’s in war zones.
U.S Military Call Cards: When you have a loved one stationed overseas, one option to keep in touch with them involves buying special military calling cards. These calling cards work at military bases all over the world, and allow soldiers to call home without building up expensive international phone bills.

Using Military Calling Cards.
Anyone shopping for military calling cards will find that there are a variety of options out there. There are several factors you should keep in mind, however, when choosing a military calling card.
– Calling cards purchased online often have more competitive rates than ones purchased over the counter. Still, pay attention to the features and rates of a specific card before making your decision.
– Many calling cards have a per-use fee, which can take precious minutes off your conversations with loved ones. This can be avoided by buying several cards in smaller denominations so they can be used entirely in one call.
– Some military calling cards have drastically different rates depending on what type of phone you’re calling from. When choosing a calling card, consider whether it will be used from a payphone, cell phone, or other type of phone.
Purchasing a card online allows you to call internationally for less without changing your local phone provider and is a simple and secure way to instantly obtain a prepaid phone card from the comfort of your home.
Online prepaid phone cards are used in the same way as store bought cards – although you are never mailed a physical card. The PIN number and dialing instructions for your card are sent instantly via e-mail and can be viewed online in your secure user account.

Duration : 10,000 units valid for a month

Duration : 20,000 units Valid for 2 months

Duration : 35,000 Units Valid for 3 months

Please note: All prices listed here are only for usage for expatriates being supervised by the United States Army in war zones. So When you purchase a call card you have to send to your loved one the voucher/pin number along with your phone number for activation through our secured base channel. Any Other call cards will not match with our secure base channel for expatriates.
All Call Cards connect to over 130 countries with low tariffs.