Care Pack

Thank You for your support.

Since December 2000, we’ve supported approximately ONE MILLION deployed U.S. troops with loving care packages to different war zone destinations around the world. This was made possible only with the help of tens of thousands of generous and patriotic friends in the U.S. and abroad. To date, we’ve sent more than 188,000 enormous boxes and more than 40 million letters and cards from caring citizens. This is the least we can do to show our troops how much we care about them. Our troops need to know that we support and appreciate the sacrifices they make for us, our families, and our future. This is about giving back to those who give all™.

One of our most popular support efforts here at U.S. Army Care Service is sending care packages to our deployed troops. We send a touch of home to those who are deployed and serving in harm’s way on our behalf. We send out thousands of packages each year to various war zones through the different welfare countries.

We have different care packages that are in stock now:
1. Troops Pass Time Package - $500.00 Includes:
Sweaters, Pack of underwears, Cotton Socks, Vitamins, Pack of Aspirin, pain Reliever, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shaving lotion, Laundry Detergent, Lip balm, Deodorant, Body spray, Hand warmer, T-shirts, Snack Cakes, Cheese Crackers, Cookies, Energy Bars.

2. Troops Combo Package - $1080.00 Includes:
Sweaters, Pack of underwears, Cotton Socks, Vitamins, Pack of Aspirin, Medicated foot powder, Shampoo, Kleenex, Laundry detergent, Tootbrush, Dental Floss, Shaving Lotion, Lip balm, Hand warmer, T-shirts, Crossed Puzzles, MP3 Player/CDs, Snacks Cakes, Cheese Crackers, Cookies, Energy Bars.

3. Troops Home Size Package - $2670.00 Includes:
Sweater, Pack of underwear, T-shirts, Fingerless gloves, Stocking cap, Instant Coffee, Tea bags, Snack Cakes, Cheese Crackers, Electrolyte replacements, Tuna Fish, Sardines, Shaving lotion, Shampoo, Kleenex, Laundry detergent, Body spray (Gillete, etc) Lotion, Lip balm, Hand warmer, Vitamins, Pack of Aspirin, Canned Foods (mix) Crossed Puzzles, MP3 Players/CD.

4. Troops All In One Package - $5750.00 Includes:
Canned Foods (All Mixed), Electrolyte replacement mix, Beverages, Instant Coffee, Tea bags, Creamer, Ketchup, Energy Bars, Tuna Fish, Sardines, Corn Beef, Snack Cakes, Cheese Crackers, Cookies, Toothbrush, Tootpaste, Mouthwash, Dental floss, Cotton Swabs, Shaving Lotion, Disposable razors, Kleenex, Shampo, Laundry detergent, Eye drops, Lip balm, Lotion, Deodorant/Body Spay, Pack of Aspirin or other pain reliever, medicated foot powder, Athlete’s Foot ointment, Underwears, T-shirts, Hand warmers, Goggle-style sunglasses, Cotton socks, Fingerless Gloves, Stocking caps, MP3 Players/CD with batteries, Magazines, Crossed Puzzles.

Please be notified that all Care Packages that have been paid for will be shipped to the different locations from our various United States Welfare countries due to ongoing crisis in those particular locations. Also you will need to provide Full names, Base being deployed, and Rank of any soldier you are purchasing a Care Package for to avoid delay in shipping. We want to let you know that each of the Care Package contains different items considering your purchase, and all items are being supplied to the soldier as packed.
For more information please go to the Contact page, or email us.